All We Fell

by Rigoletto

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Limbs drape their colored rags with wooden bones beneath
they shade the earth below
a spotted bed for trees to plop their seeds
some resting in the shade
and others cracking in the heat
and I began to think,
"Was I composed or is it all just happening?"

And fear is our natural response to all things different
the eyes of my father, all my grace removed
and I'm still trying to accept these parts of myself

All we fell like stones from our father's hands
into deep and stolen waters
where we could only sink down in
ages of dirt around my skin
to thick to let the light shine in
and I'm a gem that's lost its light in time

(If maybe you're who you say you are.)
I for example find it hard to believe when I can't hear you but in your pages you're commanding me to speak.

(From where I'm standing it's just a shot in the dark.)
From the ocean to the land
from the surface to the sand
from the ocean where we meet
you kiss my beggar cheeks

(If maybe you're who you say you are.)
It's only in acceptance that we find the cure
but your beliefs keep you comfortable
and all your brothers stay ignored
(from where I'm standing, it's just a shot)

All we like sheep have gone astray
each one confident & proud in his own self indulgent way
Of this I confidently know
it matters little where you go
You are the seeker of the small and fine


released April 14, 2012
"All We Fell" Recorded and Mixed by Matt Skudlarek at Motion Music Group in Chattanooga, TN
Mastered by Rodney Mills Masterhouse in Atlanta, GA

All Lyrics and Music Written by Rigoletto.



all rights reserved


Rigoletto Chattanooga, Tennessee

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