Prodigal Again

by Rigoletto

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Prophesi Brings me back to the days of old-school As Cities Burn and MewithoutYou. I was thrilled to bits when I found that fellow students were writing music like this within my dormitory's walls. Favorite track: An Enemy Did This.
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released August 1, 2011

Recorded and produced by Stephen Nichols at As Elyzum Studios. Guest vocals on "Lamp Posts" by Clayton Davis.

One big special thanks to all of the Kickstarter donors for making this EP a reality. We love all of you.



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Rigoletto Chattanooga, Tennessee

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Track Name: Absconder
No wonder absconders
find their way to heaven on their hands and knees
you’re only gonna give it to the least of these.

Adoni found my heart,
lying in the hands of the dirty earth
love was steady begging me to open up the door.

You will send
A holy wind
Up above
to groan for them
For the weak
who have no words

Lips like these don’t speak peace.
when all their looking’ for is a lamb to lure,
watch me take advantage of the lock on the door...

Prodigal again Lord,
why am I always prodigal again?
...and I’ve spent it all!

“He never stops waiting on,
Sons to turn back, to come home.”
Track Name: An Enemy Did This
I heard your lips make a promise
I swore I never would forget
You said,
“Forgiveness is upon us, far as the east is from the west.”

So I rest my wandering eyes
but like a snake around a tree
I find it no surprise
that I forgot the words you spoke

You stretch your arm out to a tree
to keep your frame from falling down
You stretch your arms out to a T
to keep the world you love around

They say a fire’s coming down
well it already fell my friend
So tell the ones you scared to heaven
that hell was satisfied back when

All our wandering eyes!
God help our wandering eyes!
Lest we wander till we wonder
whether we can even physically unite?!

There’s that same snake inside the Garden growth
God help us Guard our eyes
For they’re the windows to the soul
For anything you let inside

will only bring you new addiction,
but no matter how hard I try
only You can shake the seeds
that I have sown about my mind, my mind, my mind, my mind

‘til the Harvest
28"‘An enemy did this,’ he replied.
‘til the Harvest
I’ll find contentment, but not relief.
‘til the Harvest
30’Suffer both to grow together.’
‘til the Harvest
until the reaper separates the weeds.
Track Name: Lamp Posts
It was the strangest thing
eyes like lamp posts
over me
she sees God in the luna’s wing

Wait, I still wait, wait I still wait
Wait for, you and I still wait, you and I still wait
Wait for, you to wash away, you to wash away
Wait for you and I still wait, for you to wash away
and make us new...

It’s in the simple things
looking upward through the trees
{We fall faster than the leaves}

I saw your love in the thread of a sweater,
like the gold in the ring on the bone of her finger.
This is love.

There’s a man on the boat who can walk upon water.
Heard him say, there’s a town, coming down,
ya it’s not to far away.
Stop your dressing up, you poor and needy putting on a show
Don’t you know, I see every sin that slowly slips your brain.
Every night, stripped of sleep, soaked in lust,
all the same. Oh I see it all,
I see it all and love you all the same.

{And I was on your mind and still
an unconvincing child.
I stole all your holy words
and now I’m waiting on your tongue.}

wait I still wait....
Track Name: Sugar
“We are oft to blame,
It is too much proved” -Shakespeare
with the visage of a saint,
we do sugar o’er the truth.

Spare me from the hollow
the hollowness of sound
of the fleeting praises
coming from their mouths

And you speak with such small regard
to the things I thought I should do.
And I know I have a sinner’s heart,
but you said I’ve got a home in you.

Oh to see the sins
through the bands of time
swallowed like a pill
and poisoning the wine

People of God where have you been?
Person of God where have I been?
Why are we not playing our parts?